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Welcome to Combined Churches Caring Melton.

We are Melton’s local Foodbank. We also host other programs such as Budget Education, Counselling, Tenancy Advocacy and Hope Street Youth.

We aim to show people the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ through our services.

The organisation is a multi-denominational project who seek to unify the community and provide a safe place for anyone experiencing crisis to access free food to help people in need, yet effectively, walking alongside them to reduce dependency through, friendship and education, teaching skills that offer an understanding of financial and daily planning to empower clients to embrace a more secure, socially and financially inclusive future.

In 2018 ...

We distributed over 2500 food parcels to help over 13,500 people. We also ran 780 one on one budgeting classes to help clients achieve their financial potential. Furthermore, we also had over 80 sessions for our Counselling and Tenancy programs. Let’s pray for a quieter 2019!

How you can help!

You can help Foodbank Melton (CCCM) by volunteering, or by donating food or money (in-kind services also appreciated) at our office. This goes towards supporting local families in need with free food, budgeting programs, Telstra and Salvation Army vouchers, as well as counselling and tenancy programs.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, just click here to donate.